Pakmule Pakmule - Ridgeline

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ROUND PIPE CONSTRUCTION - Pipe construction makes securing your equipment simple, especially when used in conjunction with our MULEstraps. Also makes it easy to carry!

100% ALUMINUM - 100% Aluminum Construction means no paint to chip and no rust to destroy… for a lifetime of low maintenance!

WOBBLE-FREE DESIGN - Threaded shaft and a stainless bolt prevents your basket from dancing while you’re driving. Includes a keyed lock.

DESIGNED FOR HIGH GROUND CLEARANCE - Originally designed for UTV customers, this unit has become really popular for trail riding folks in SUV’s and Jeeps, along with the vehicle owners that have a low hitch height. The 7″ riser on the Ridgeline gets the PAKMULE up off the ground, and increases departure angle for all vehicles.

Same rail height as the Original model hitch rack, but 12″ narrower to fit snugly behind your vehicle. Featuring the same burly TIG welds as our other models, this 100% aluminum, wobble-free Ridgeline will haul your gear into the most remote arduous terrain you can find. Or down the highway behind your Subaru, Tesla, Prius or Minivan!

Designed to fit two 45 quart coolers side by side and still drop your UTV’s tailgate! Or raise the liftgate of your sedan or SUV.

*Very popular on Subaru’s and Tesla’s, along with other vehicles that have lower hitch heights

*Jeep swing gates WILL NOT open with this unit installed. We recommend accessing your gear from the cabin area. Fit with the spare tire can be tricky. Please call to confirm fit or check out our Sway-Back jeep hitch rack.

MADE IN AMERICA - Fully welded in the U.S.A. No bag of bolts for assembly.


Weight: 40 pounds
Capacity: 350 pounds
Outside Dimensions: 57" x 28" x 8.25"
Interior Dimensions: 55" x 26" x 7.25"

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