About Us

Racks for the Road is Houston's rack specialty shop.  We can outfit your car, SUV, van, truck, or trailer for whatever your weekday or weekend needs require.

This endeavor was born on a road trip where we realized life was going too fast and we needed to slow down.  That we weren't investing in what really mattered - ourselves and others.  We realized that we were marching somewhere, but not where we wanted to go.  We came away with four principles that we used to create Racks for the Road:


  • Know where you are going
  • Plan to slow down
  • Invest in what matters
  • Enjoy your day


We see racks as beautiful in design, functional in use, and an opportunity in life.  A daily encouragement to do better.

Everyone is going somewhere in life.  At Racks for the Road, we believe in asking the question, "Where are you going today?".